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Welcome to the website of the Vigiano Brothers Lodge #3436. Our lodge is based in Port Jefferson, NY, and our meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at the Rose Caracappa Center on Route 25A in Mount Sinai, NY.

Our lodge was instituted on May 17, 2008 and was started with 35 charter members.  During the months prior to the institution of the lodge, the initial group of members chose to name our lodge after John Vigiano II and Joseph Vigiano.  The Vigiano Brothers were two remarkable young men who grew up on Long Island.  John followed in his father's footsteps and became a member of the FDNY.  Joseph became a decorated member of the NYPD, and had been shot 5 times in the line of duty during his career.  Both men became heroes as they rushed into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 to help evacuate the buildings, and both men perished that day in the towers.

Additionally, our lodge number, 3436, holds a special significance for our members.  In January of 2008, the parents of the Vigiano brothers, John Sr. and Jan Vigiano, were guests at one of our formative meetings.  At that meeting, John Sr. told us stories about his two sons that exemplified their spirit, and their love of family.  He spoke eloquently about their sense of humor, their personalities and their bond as brothers. Mr. Vigiano also related a story about how John Jr., upon becoming a member of the New York City Fire Department, had requested that he be allowed to carry the retired shield of his grandfather.  The shield was located and repaired, and subsequently John was given his grandfather's shield, #3436.  At the time of their death on September 11th, John and Joseph Vigiano were 34 and 36 years of age, respectively.  In March of 2008, when our lodge had reached the required number of members and we petitioned the Grand Lodge of New York for our charter, Mr.Vigiano made a special request for our lodge. Although normally, lodge numbers are assigned consecutively as new lodges are formed through the United States, at John Sr.'s request, our lodge was given the number 3436.  

The mission of the Vigiano Brothers Lodge #3436 is to do honor to our namesakes, and to promote the Italian language and culture in our community.  We follow the principles of the Order Sons of Italy in America -- "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" -- and we invite all those like-minded members of our community to join us as we continue to build our lodge and reach our goals.  Throughout the year, the lodge holds various social and fundraising activities which enable us to support the community, give local scholarships, and to support a number of charitable organizations such as Cooley's Anemia, Gift of Sight and the Alzheimer's Foundation.

If you would like more information about joining our lodge or attending one of our events, please contact our membership chair via the Contact Us page of this website.


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